‘an expert. he would set the wing’ ‘his shoulders globed like a full sail strung’

It’s called Eden rock because it brings back memorable moments when he was with his parents.

Picture 1: …. Picture 2: Oso Sav Picture 3: Smiles Picture 4: I wouldn’t do that Picture 5: BS Picture 6:?

Sonnet 29 and porphyrias love are similar because love is presented in both of these poems, sonnet 29 is very sexual and the love doesn’t seem as real as it does in porphyrias love, porphyrias love is a unpredictable poem because one moment they seem to be very intimate but then in the next scene […]

Ralph sounds the conch then everyone comes together for a meeting
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In chapter 4 most of the kids are getting along but Roger¬†and Jack are being horrible to the younger kids the older boys go out and hunt pigs while the younger kids play together. Ralph, Simon and Piggy try to build shelter for everyone. Ralph also sees a ship then hopes that the people on […]

Technology is not destroying the English language, this is an extreme view. People are are the problem. Elder people believe technology is a problem because they see how Teenagers use their phones and can’t stay away from them, but it’s because smartphones weren’t around in their days so they wouldn’t understand. Many elder people don’t […]

At the incident at the window Mr Enfield and Mr Utterson they spoke to Dr Jekyll when they left you could tell that something drastically changed when they walked away. I know this because when they left utterson said ‘God Forgive Us! God Forgive Us!’ It also said that they were pale and there was […]

In this chapter we find out who that Hyde trampled all over a young girl while she was screaming. The characters in this chapter is The Girl, Jekyll, Hyde and Utterson. One of the settings is the street where Hyde trampled all over a little girl. Jekyll Spoke to Utterson and they spoke about what […]

My names Jayden Stephenson I’m 14 years old and I currently¬†go to London Nautical School. I was born on at around 11pm on the 19th of June 2001. I was born in Kings College hospital which is located in Camberwell, South London. I live with my mum in south London in a 3 bedroom flat […]